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Forum for new ideas, narrative forms and aesthetics. Convergence point for international up-and-coming filmmakers. And for cinephiles, the best student films in the world.

Sponsoring and Support

We thank our patrons, partners and supporters who accompany the festival and who have continued to make its operations possible for many years.

Sehsüchte Festival-Documentary 2013


The winners 2013

Here you can find all winners of this year's Sehsüchte.


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Retro & Futuro

Innovation as a guiding theme - the Retro & Futuro

A look back at
Sehsüchte 2012

At the end of April in 2012 there was the 41st Sehsüchte film festival in Brandenburg's capital, Potsdam. Here is the link to the website of Sehsüchte 2012.

Jury 2013

Highly competent and distinguished Juries award Sehsüchte’s well-endowed prizes...

Sehsüchte Trailer 2013


Sehsüchte Documentary 2012


Sehsüchte ON TOUR

Sehsüchte goes "on tour": In advance we screen a selection of the best and most successful films from last year. Here you can find the tour dates...