Winners 2013

Best Feature Film over 60 min
5.000 Euro donated by UFA Fiction

Jan Ole Gerster
“Oh Boy”

Jury statement: “In “Oh Boy”, Jan Ole Gerster succeeds in transforming the congenial interplay of all participating elements behind and in front of the camera, into a small cinematic miracle.

With great ease, “Oh Boy” keeps its finger on the pulse of today’s generation in  a tragicomic and emotional narration of a day in the life of Niko Fischer played excellently by Tom Schilling.  The film holds the viewer spellbound, and takes him, together with the protagonist, along several stations along the search for a decent, but existential coffee.

A brave dramaturgical thread along moving and entertaining  episodes on parents and family, on friends and strangers, love and pain, drama and comedy, loneliness and big cities, on life and death.  Wonderful actors, humorous and realistic dialogue, atmospheric pictures, music taken in a  fresh, innovative and playful cooperation with lovingly detailed editing, costume, and sets, give birth to a special kind of work.  A film that has founds its own identity. A film that one will want to see a second and a third time immediately.  Congratulations!”

Best Feature Film under 60 min
2.500 Euro donated by Budweiser Budvar Importgesellschaft mbH

Timofey Zhalnin

Jury statement: “The award for the best feature film under 60 minutes goes to the Russian film “F5″ by Timofey Zhalnin.  How far and how consistently can one go his own way, when does the adjustment to commerce and apparent needs of capitalist systems start?  With extremely varied aesthetic tools, and with huge amounts of creative courage, “F5″ tells a universal story. Not only is the level of acting achievement outstanding, but also the interplay of all elements. An imposition, an explosion of taste, a philosophical allegory,  a theatrical display of strength–  Timofey Zhalnin has, inspiringly and excitingly, managed all of that with “F5″. His film lingers in minds and hearts.”

Special mention
Karl Hagen-Stötzer
“Schlicht und ergreifend” (As Simple As That)

Jury statement: “A special mention goes out to the German film “Schlicht und ergreifend” (As Simple As That) by Karl Hagen-Stötzer, for its fine dark humor, and the unpretentious illustration of social reality.”

Best Documentary over 60 min
5.000 Euro donated by rbb Berlin-Brandenburg

Daniel Abma
“Nach Wriezen” (Beyond Wriezen)

Jury statement: “Director Daniel Abma and his team have succeeded in creating an impressive, exciting film on the difficult new beginnings faced by three youngsters just out of detention. Without prejudice, the film lets us participate in the worries, secrets and weaknesses of people who are often feared. Moving, surprising, and human. The camera of Johannes Praus and Anja Läufer observe the  young men in daily situations closely and sensitively, showing them brutally and tenderly at the same time,  sometimes strangely.”

Best Documentary under 60 min
2.500 Euro donated by DAF — Deutsches Anleger Fernsehen

Katja Lautamatti
“Lintu toiselta taivaalta” (Migratory Birds)

Jury statement: “”Lintu toiselta taivaalta” (Migratory Birds) from Katja Lautamatti tackles the topic of “foreignness” in an unusual way. Through the eyes of Esther, a Nigerian girl, we learn about the crises experienced by North African immigrants fighting to survive in Lebanon. The director conceals her presence, but the camera’s view melts with that of the protagonist. In the same way that the director juggles with cinematic style tools, little Esther plays with the camera and the film crew, and loses her shyness in front of the medium and its makers. The film remains free in its construction, through poetic pictures, the essayist narrative seems concentrated, but never still, and develops its own language. A magically light cinematic poem unfolds, that opens eyes to a highly charged issue.”

Best Animated Film
2.000 Euro donated by Filmpark Babelsberg GmbH

Eyal Oren und Tim Razumovsky

Jury statement: “”Fluorescent” shows a multi-layered picture of our time, one that illustrates the burnout of our civilisation through the use of atmosphere. The film offers a surface to project diverse interpretative possibilities, because of the universal nature of its symbolisms. Through impressive sound design, the pictures, which were strong in the first place, were made even more intense.”

Special mention
Jeffig Le Bars

Jury statement: ““Carn” is a film with an evil message, that carries deep truth within it. Who is evil? The self-sacrificing wolf mother, or the cowardly kid, who is rightfully punished in the end? A moral film: graphically, technically, and aesthetically polished.”

Best Camera
Rental equipment and postproduction work at a value of 5.000 Euro sponsored by ARRI Media Services

Juan Sarmiento G.
“Am Himmel der Tag” (Breaking Horizons)
by Pola Beck

Jury statement: “Although the topic of the film would lead one to expect documentary-style camera work, Juan Sarmiento G. has developed a camera style completely unique, allowing viewers to sympathize with the characters, immersing themselves in their world and their story.  An extraordinary interplay between visual language, light and direction, supported through the shining acting achievement of the wonderful Aylin Tezel. Technically excellent, and with especially innovative  ideas, the camera work is so self-assured, that it never steals the show, but sensitively defers to the story. Congratulations!”

Best Editing
Editing software Avid Media Composer at a value of 2.498 Euro donated by Avid Technology GmbH

Jana Dugnus
“Nach Wriezen” (Beyond Wriezen)

Jury statement: “The montage of “Nach Wriezen” (Beyond Wriezen) is convincing in its consistency and sustainable effects. In the side-by-side narrative of three delinquents’ fight to reintegrate into society, Jana Dugnus manages clever timing, which enable the dialectic connection of significant life episodes the three protagonists have.  The editing sets the tone in  discreet, but decisive way—starting with a gentle rhythm at the beginning, to balled-up energy in the end.”

Best Acting
1.500 Euro donated by Studio Babelsberg AG

Aylin Tezel 
“Am Himmel der Tag” (Breaking Horizons)
by Pola Beck 

Aylin Tezel convinced us through her portrayal of Lara, heartfelt in every way, in Pola Beck’s “Am Himmel der Tag”. For her courage in her unprotected delivery of this role, for her very personal, raw acting, and for the little sparks of humor her figure retains while hurtling through an emotional abyss, we want to award her with the prize for best actress in 2013.

Special Mention
Karina Plachetka and Sabine Wolf in
“Zwei Mütter“ (Two Mothers)
by Anne Zohra Berrached

Karina Plachetka and Sabine Wolf convinced us through their sensitive interplay. In the film Zwei Mütter“, the protagonists Katja and Isabella, as well as the actresses who played them, allow themselves to be examined in close proximity. For the credible and moving portrayal of a love, that is challenged by the obsessive desire to have a child together, we would like to give this film a special mention.

Focus Award “Excess”
1.000 Euro donated by Sehsüchte Internationales Studentenfilmfestival der HFF Konrad Wolf

Gabriel Gauchet
“The Mass of Men”

Jury statement: “”The Mass of Men” especially stood out in the final selection out of the submitted films. An exploration of the absurdity of life, whose interchangeable protagonists, whose societal excess lead to a violent conclusion. With its razor-sharp irony, the film manages to create a nightmarish feeling of the zeitgeist.”

Special Mention:
Daria Panchenko
“Na Kruchke” (On the Hook)

Jury statement: “At this point we want to praise the film “Na Kruchke” (On the Hook) for its authenticity and subcultural relevance.”

Best Children’s Film
1.000 Euro donated by HFF Konrad Wolf

Milen Vitanov
“Rising Hope”

The winner of the children’s films was chosen by the young audience itself.

Best Youth’ Film
1.500 Euro donated by Saxonia Media

Esther Bialas
“Stürzende Tauben” (Tumbling Birds)

The winner of the young adult films was chosen by the young audience itself.

Producer’s Award
1. Prize: Postproduction work at a value of 12.000 Euro donated by Rotor Film Babelsberg

Rafael Parente, Korbinian Dufter und Simon Amberger

Jury statement: “After the jury assessed all the available information on the production conditions, it has settled unanimously on an outstanding production achievement, distinguished by professionalism, team spirit, far-sightedness, and international orientation. In addition, we were also impressed by the patience of the producers, their willingness to take risks, their strength in negotiation and communication, and the consistent adherence to a vision.  The award should encourage them to take further steps on this path. We congratulate the producers of “Eastalgia”: Rafael Parente, Korbinian Dufter and Simon Amberger.”

2. Prize: Seminar participation at a value of 1.000 Euro donated by Erich Pommer Institut

Amelie Küster, Cosima Maria Degler und Igor Dovgal
“Geister, die ich rief” (Spirits That I Called)

Jury statement: “The jury wishes to bestow distinction upon a film, which has impressed all the jurors in entirety. The film takes one in through extremely high production value, precise implementation, outstanding cast and impressive scenery. We praise the production achievement that is bringing a sensitive, quiet story onto the big screen. We congratulate the producers of “Spirits That I Called”: Cosima Maria Degler, Amelie Küster and Igor Dovgal.”

Best Music Video
1.000 Euro dontated by Red Bull Deutschland GmbH

Aron Krause
Frittenbude “Wings”

Jury statement: “We can say that it wasn’t easy to choose a winner. But at the end of the day, we liked Aaron Krause’s video for Frittenbude’s “Wings” the best.  The clip manages to communicate the mood of the song through a an emotional, powerful story. In addition, we like the cinematic implementation—the directorial and camera work are in perfect harmony. The choice of the cast, the locations and the surreal moments convince us completely.”

Best Screenplay
Script consulting at a value of 1.500 Euro donated by Script House GmbH & Co KG, as well as support at a value of 500 Euro donated by Novafilm Production

Carola M. Lowitz

Jury statement: “The prize winner has written a special screenplay, a horror film. A young German couple is brutally confronted with a Norwegian legend.  The screenplay caused nightmares for all the jury members. The horror burrows itself into one’s psyche,  and potentially leaves a lasting influence. The jury found the screenplay especially visual, and drawing from artisanal talent. The jury sees an extraordinary German horror film in the screenplay. Sirdal wins the award for best screeplay, and reflects the wishes of the jury, that young authors dare to experiment with genre films, and cater to a spectrum that is as wide as possible.”

Special mention:
Sebastian Heeg
“Familie Schrott”

Jury statement: “The screenplay is richly imaginative; the ensemble has a lot of potential.”

Best Pitch
Story development software at a value of 3.160 Euro donated by Skript-Akademie Drehbuch

Nadine Gottmann, Elizabeth Albrecht, Rebecca Rahn

Audience Award
2.000 Euro donated by the mayor of Potsdam Jann Jakobs

Jan Ole Gerster
“Oh Boy”